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Is this how you roll in Flavor Town?

14 Jan

Thank you, Pete Wells, for writing one of my very favorite restaurant reviews of all time (of Guy Fieri’s Times Square restaurant). There was a wonderful article in this week about Wells as a populist hero standing up for the little guy: “Why shouldn’t a food critic care whether middle-class out-of-towners enjoy themselves?” Excellent restaurants are destination sites for many, including myself, and food tourism is one of the great pleasures of my life. I had my most delightful meal ever at The Bazaar, which, in the swank Beverly Hills, I was afraid might be an intimidatingly snobbish establishment. It was not. It was lovely. Get there if you can. This meal was a big deal for us, and very expensive, and we were there after my husband had been a contestant on Jeopardy! (and won a game!). It was such a fun day being on the Sony studio lot and watching my brilliant husband tear it up, and our meal at the Bazaar was so special and fun and perfect. We were obviously from out of town, but we were treated beautifully. The food was perfect, with the philly cheese steak with “air bread” being maybe the best thing I’ve ever eaten. Yay Pete Wells! I heart you.




31 Dec

Thanks to the Durham County Library, I’ve got three giant cookbooks to devour over the next three weeks: One Big Table: 600 recipes from the nation’s best home cooks, farmers, fishermen, pit-masters, and chefs by Molly O’Neill; The Food Matters Cookbook: 500 Revolutionary Recipes for Better Living, by Mark Bittman; and In the Kitchen with A Good Appetite: 150 Recipes and Stories About the Food You Love, by Melissa Clark.

Thanks to sweet friends and family, I have *four* new cookbooks in my collection:  Simply Suppers, The Pastry Queen: Royally Good Recipes from the Texas Hill Country’s Rather Sweet Bakery & Cafe, What to Cook and How to Cook it, and The Illustrated Kitchen Bible

I’ll be cooking my way through these in 2011 and will be sharing my reviews and recipes.

And even though my cookbook shelf is overstuffed, I’ve got a giant wishlist (coming soon!):