Long time no see, blogity-blog!

9 Aug

Ah, sweet foodfoolery–I am so sorry I have neglected you. I have not been eating so well lately, and have been indulging in white-trash treats like greasy Ruffles potato chips with Dean’s Green Onion dip (the shit is GOOD). Dinner is often a weird amalgamation of leftovers that don’t work together (part of a leftover seaweed salad from Whole Foods + not-so-great fried okra gifted from the in-laws + mac and cheese) and when I cook, I haven’t been especially adventurous–just making some of my easy stand-bys. I just saw Saveur’s link for throwing a BLT party, and while I would never do that (seems like a pretty thin string to hang a party on, no?), I could totally get down with a BLT right about now. Tonight I’ll be making two more of my stand-by treats–cilantro pesto and bean quesadillas served with the Less Bros. collard greens with poblanos and chorizos. Pictures may be included if you’re lucky. XO, Liz  


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