13 Jun

Years ago, I heard a guy on This American Life admit that he thought “quesadilla” was Spanish for “what’s the deal?” (Love it!) Anyway, quesadillas are my #1 go-to dinner, since they’re 1) a food trap for leftovers–you can shove any old thing in there! 2) it’s just a mexican grilled cheese, so takes, like, three minutes on each side, 3) it’s super cheap to buy a pack of flour or corn tortillas, and 4) cheese, my favorite food, is the star ingredient. One of my favorites is The Grit’s white bean cilantro pesto quesadilla. Imagine my excitement to see 10 quesadilla recipes on The Kitch’n, especially the tandoori and the pear, brie, and honey:   


Photo courtesy The Kitch’n:

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