Birthday meal: Panciuto!

16 Feb


I am such a fan of Pancuito in Hillsborough, and I decided to have my 35th birthday meal there on Saturday:

I was not taking photos, natch, because I was enjoying a lovely evening out with my husband! I had an entirely vegetarian meal that started with a Chapel Hill Creamery cheese plate (New Moon, Smoked farmer’s cheese, and Old Moon) with various butters/jams on top (one was a banana butter!). Even though I loathe turnips, Charles’s creamy turnip soup topped with a fried oyster was scrumptuous. For my main course, I ordered a sweet potato ravioli with honey, fried goat cheese, and greens. It was almost too sweet–you had a get a bite of greens in there for the perfect flavor combination. Dessert was a gorgeous pot chocolate with biscoti and whipped cream on top. Sigh! I love going to a restaurant and eating something that I’ve never cooked for myself. I absolutley MUST make homemade ravioli soon–the pasta maker has been sitting on the shelf since we got married almost three years ago.

Heart, Liz

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