Preserved Lemons

6 Dec

For Christmas this year, I’m giving away jars of preserved lemons.

Charles and I like to dice up a small amount (1/8-1/4 of a lemon) to put in pasta, on top of meat or fish, and to toss with vegetables. We have also made a free-form savory pie with farmers’ cheese, thyme, thinly sliced potatoes, and preserved lemon (idea stolen from Scratch, my favorite bakery in Durham). Here’s what David Lebovitz says about preserved lemons:

“I like to finely dice preserved lemons and mix them with sautéed vegetables, such as green beans, fava beans, or to elevate lowly rounds of carrots into something interesting and exotic, perhaps tossing in a few cumin seeds as well. They’re also good mashed into butter with some fresh herbs, then smeared on top of grilled fish or a nice hunk of caramelized roasted winter squash. And I’ve been known to sneak some into a batch of tapenade, as well as adding some finely-chopped little pieces to a batch of lemon ice cream too!”

I will be posting some of my favorite preserved lemon recipes over the next few days. Enjoy!

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